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Two best friends grab a glass and chat life, health, and happiness. 

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Long Story 


Once upon a time in the quiet, peaceful village of Westerville, Ohio, there were two freshman roommates named Nina and Liz. They boycotted washing dishes, made YouTube videos instead of studying, and thought they had life all figured out.

As it turned out, their adventures in self-discovery and acceptance were only beginning (and still have a long way to go!). Now a decade later the two of them have teamed up for their next big project, the Wine and Shine Podcast, to share in this journey with listeners and inspire them to be their best, most authentic selves.

Ep. 59 – Harness Your Creativity & Make Something You’re Proud Of – with Ashley Rector of Harness Magazine

Ashley Rector is a corporate attorney who started Harness Magazine to empower women, bring them together, and share their stories – talk about a side hustle gone crazy!! We’re used to seeing the magazines at the grocery store checkout line with celebrities in their...
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Ep. 58 – Figuring Out What’s Good (and Having Fun!) – with That’s So Retrograde

We are SO excited because today we’re joined by the girls from That’s So Retrograde, Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari! That’s So Retrograde is a hilarious podcast about self-care and consciousness. These girls are on a constant journey to find out what’s good,...
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Ep. 57 – Nourished & Whole: Cooking Delicious Meals at Home & with Confidence – with Krista Ettles

Today we are talking to a Ninja in the Kitchen & Healthy Living Cheerleader, Krista Ettles! She runs Nourished and Whole, a health and wellness website dedicated to educating and inspiring others about the power of real food, eating intentionally, and living happy...
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Ep. 56 – Love Yourself & Follow Your Dreams, Yo! – with Julie Wojno

Nina recently joined today’s guest, Julie Wojno, a health coach and fitness instructor, at one of her Yoga classes. She is sweet, packed full of energy, and loves what she does – and we love that!! We chat all about loving yourself from the inside out, how you can...
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Ep. 55 – You Are More Than Your Skin: Hormone & Acne Probs – with Megan A. Schwarz

We are so excited to introduce you to Megan Schwarz, a Hormonal Health Coach who specializes in hormonal acne. We have some acne probs, and we know we’re not the only ones, so we brought her on to chat all about nutrition, acne, and Nina’s favorite topic: hormones!...
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The Quarter-Life Crisis: Let’s Talk About It

Sound familiar?  It’s that overwhelming sense that you need to have your career and life figured after several years post-graduation, but are still facing a lot of instability and uncertainty in your life.   The quarter-life crisis is running rampant...
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Ep. 54 – Tips & Tricks for Traveling Cheap, Healthy, & Safe – with Kelli Skaggs

This is a very special episode because we’re chatting with our awesome friend Kelli Skaggs all about travel – how to travel safely, cheaply, and without dying! We have a ton of fun (and some wine!), and Kelli has a suite of incredible tips, whether you want to have a...
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Ep. 53 – Conquer Your Quarter-Life Crisis: Loving, Trusting, & Advocating for Yourself – with Kali Rogers

We absolutely loved this conversation with Kali Rogers, and we’re so excited to share it with all of you! Kali is the CEO, Founder, & Janitor (her words!) of Blush Online Life Coaching, where she and her team of master-level coaches help females all around the...
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Ep. 52 – How We Can Build Up Ourselves & Other Women – with Daniella Siebert

We’ve been following (and loving!) Daniella Siebert’s Instagram for a while now, and we’re so excited to share her colorful and comforting personality with you on the show! Daniella is the creator of Fox & Bloom Co, a blog that uses fashion as a vehicle to...
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Ep. 51 – Pelvic Health 101: What All Women Need to Know – with Rachel Shepard

We are SO excited to introduce all of you to Rachel Shepard, PT, DPT, a pelvic health expert and physical therapist (and listener!) who reached out to us. We learned a TON during this episode – like how the sex and health education system straight up failed us – and...
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About Nina

Nina Boyce is a middle school choir director in Columbus, Ohio. She shares her love for music and teaching with a passion for health and wellness. Her quest to live a more holistic life began in the fall of 2015 after facing her struggles with anxiety head on, turning to an all-natural lifestyle to regain control of her health and happiness.

Nina is passionate about helping women achieve a life full of happiness, health, and overall balance. She is a current student at the Institue for Integrative Nutrition where she is working towards her certificate to become a holistic health coach. When she isn’t teaching or podcasting, (or studying nutrition!), you can find her attending her favorite yoga and barre classes and spending free time with her closest friends, husband, and pup Jaxon. A believer isn finding the ability to truly love yo urself from the inside out, she is excited to embark on this journey with all of you.! You can also catch her writing on her blog, www.nourishedwithnina.com!

About Liz

Liz Garster helps people across the country achieve financial freedom through her work in the credit union movement. A recovering perfectionist, she’s on a mission to live a more present, mindful life free of negative self-talk and people pleasing. In doing so, she has made a commitment to surround herself with positive, inspiring people who value a life of balance in health, family, and career.

Off the airwaves you can find Liz breaking it down at a hip-hop dance class, daydreaming about brunch, taking long walks with her dog Kobe and husband Zach, or putting in hours on her aspiring financial coaching practice. And if you ask her nicely (and give her enough wine), she’ll bust out her best Cher impersonation for you.

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