Take cover, because this episode is packed full of TRUTH BOMBS! We’re joined by Chel Hamilton, guided meditation artist & host of the award-winning Meditation Minis podcast. Chel ends up talking us through some our insecurities, and it ended up being a really transformative conversation for both us. We are really honored and excited to be able to share it with our Wine and Shiners!!


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We Chat About:

  • Moving Chel’s remote business to Bali
  • Group guided meditation & close-eyed experiences
  • How we can use guided meditation to improve our abilities & model new behaviors
  • Channeling our child-like, creative mindset
  • Growth mindset vs fixed mindset
  • What hypnosis really is & how you’re being hypnotised on a regular basis
  • Rewiring your anxiety & perfectionism
  • The success of Meditation Minis





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