We are super excited to share this episode with Rachel Kerr, Founder of The Beauty Boost, a space in Columbus where women can come to feel empowered, health, and (of course) beautiful. It’s all about bringing together &  inspiring like-minded women, and creating a tight-knit community who have a sense of connection.

Things like The Beauty Boost are so needed today because, you know what? It can be hard to find friends (especially after you leave school)! Whether you’re in the Columbus area or just interested in being part of a community of inspiring people, this episode is for you!


Join The Beauty Boost Membership!

The Beauty Boost is launching new membership on May 1st, and you can sign up for a whole year for only $99 until April 30th!

Who is this for? “Women who are passionate about health + fitness + adventure + FEELING good and living a life of intention and purpose.”

If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to us, head over to thebeautyboost.net/membership to sign up! We hope to see you at an event soon!!


We Chat About:

  • Nina & Liz’s big announcements!
  • Feeling unsettled in other people’s businesses
  • Rachel’s first experience with life coaching
  • Working while growing a business on the side
  • The Beauty Boost’s incredible new membership (launching May 1)
  • The Taste of Fitness series & The Gal Pal event
  • Meeting new friends
  • Starting & teaching yoga
  • Time management





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