We are thrilled to have one of our favorite people back on the podcast, Simi Botic, a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach!! Since Simi joined us for episode 15, Liz has worked with her, we’ve done a live event with her, and she wrote an incredible new book: Letting Go of Leo: How I Broke Up with Perfection. We talk all about why she wrote the book, struggling with perfectionism, and the dangers of black & white thinking.

Look out for a BONUS episode on Wednesday – a LIVE Q&A from the Harness Your Fear event we hosted with former guests Ashley Rector and Julie Wojno!!

We Chat About:

  • Simi’s surprise proposal
  • Why + how Simi wrote the book
  • Struggling with food + body image to cover up anxiety + perfection
  • Why black & white / all-or-nothing thinking is really limiting
  • Feeling stuck + scared
  • Re-framing our fears
  • Marrying intuition + logic
  • Value-based living
  • A powerful self-love + intuition exercise that Liz anyone can do
  • Appropriate expectations for ourselves + others
  • Communicating in relationships





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