On April 20th, we had so much fun hosting a live event called Harness Your Fear with former guests Ashley Rector (Founder of Harness Magazine) and Julie Wojno (Health Coach & Fitness Instructor).

We talked all about the fear that holds us back from chasing our wildest dreams. The fear that screams “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” or “WHAT IF YOU FAIL?” The fear that seeds self-doubt where self-confidence ought to shine. The fear that keeps you safe (stuck), right where you are, instead of living the life of your dreams.

It’s not about being fearLESS – it’s about knowing how to harness your fear to live FULL OUT!


We Chat About:

  • Wine of the Day: Shout out to Wine on High for providing delicious wine!
  • Stories about how Liz, Nina, Ashley, and Julie have all harnessed their fears
  • How Julie inspired Nina
  • The science of energy
  • How we all find balance + alignment in our lives
  • Mastering your fear (without family support)
  • Daily rituals for a positive mindset





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