Kayli Schattner is the host of the #OwningIt (if you like inspiring women talking about their stories, you will love this podcast!) and an online marketing and content strategist. Her favorite thing in the world is helping other 20-somethings design a life that brings them joy, take themselves out of the box, and accept that we are all multifaceted humans just trying to figure this all out one day at a time.

She’s so busy, so young, + so confident… she’s Owning It!

We Chat About:

  • How Kayli got started writing
  • Getting offered a job at 19
  • Building your own community
  • Why women not sharing their stories doesn’t work
  • Getting into a dance battle
  • Learning to own it
  • What alignment feels like
  • The women who inspired us
  • Feeling the desire to move





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