We sit down to chat with one of Nina’s favorite period gurus, Nicole Jardim! We dive into hormones, gut health, bowel movements, periods, and the porn industry, all through the lens of empowering women.

It might feel like TMI for some people, but there’s too much GREAT information in here that everyone should know!! There’s an epidemic of people not knowing enough about their bodies and not wanting to talk about it – but the more that we know about our bodies, the more control we have over them!


We Chat About:

  • Nicole’s passion for hormone health
  • Statistically common (but biologically abnormal) health problems
  • Empowering women with knowledge
  • Liz & Nina’s period problems
  • Being in connection with the universe & syncing with the moon
  • The environmental factors affecting our hormonal health
  • How to rebuild your body’s microbiome
  • Figuring out what food works for us
  • How to know whether you should be taking supplements
  • How to track & assess your health
  • Good VS bad bowel movements
  • Libido problems





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