We had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Holly Lowery, an eating disorder recovery coach, an anti-diet advocate, and the host of the Well + Weird podcast. This is a great conversation about finding love for our body, finding health no matter where you fall on the weight spectrum, and embracing exactly who you are + who you’re supposed to be.

It’s also a conversation that a lot of women NEED to have, but are afraid after years of programming telling us that we need to look, eat, or act a certain way – but that’s not the case!


We Chat About:

  • When a tornado stopped us from recording
  • Healing human body weirdness
  • How dieting teaches us not to listen to our intuition + bodies
  • The story we’ve been sold about weight
  • How perfectionism + wanting to fit in can escalate into disordered eating
  • Recovering from disordered eating
  • Speaking out loud + finding support
  • Signs of disordered eating
  • Reaching out to dieticians with experience in eating disorder recovery – NOT someone offering “weight management”
  • Why aggressive weight loss or weight maintenance isn’t usually healthier (and doesn’t usually make you happier)
  • Aligning your choices with yourself
  • Is “feeling fat” or “feeling thin” real?
  • The problem with “the war on obesity”
  • How body positivity has been co-opted by diet culture
  • Holly’s coaching + podcast





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