We so much enjoyed chatting with dietitian Laura Schoenfeld about how we can support our adrenals, reduce stress, and find that happy, healthy place our bodies crave! We had a wonderful conversation with Laura—including some really specific advice—and as you’ll hear, she really knows her stuff!

This was a really great reminder that so many women work hard on maintaining their health, but end up overstressed, overtrained, and undernourished. Let’s keep taking care of our bodies, but in a way that allows us to get back to a space of physical, mental, and emotional nourishment!



We Chat About:

  • Laura’s shift into alternative nutrition
  • The danger of using body image to define self-worth + when dieting becomes too restrictive
  • Finding out carbs aren’t the enemy
  • Adrenals and all the neat things they do
  • When stress can be good + when it’s just bad
  • The four triggers of HPA access dysregulation + why they matter
  • Which came first, adrenal or gut flora issues? (a.k.a. The chicken and the egg question)
  • Gaining weight with stress
  • Why we undereat by accident
  • Balancing intuition + structure in your diet
  • Tracking calories with the right mindset + when not to do it
  • Practicing self-love + giving yourself a little grace
  • Finding that ideal weight without chasing an ideal
  • Daily habits that sneak attack our health
  • Avoiding micromanagement
  • Laura’s one-on-one with Liz
  • Knowing what you can control




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