Christiana Hill is probably the most interesting person we’ve ever met – She and her husband live in a school bus converted into a tiny home (check it out on her Instagram!), she quit her job to launch The Art of Bravery, and now she helps women learn about their best and bravest selves!


We talk a lot about our collective misconception around bravery. It doesn’t have to be this giant leap, like quitting your job or leaving a relationship or moving to a different country. Bravery can also the little steps you do every day that add up to being a braver person!


To celebrate Nina’s health coaching going full time, she has a special offer for the Wine & Shine community!

If you mention that you listen to the podcast, you will receive 15% OFF Nina’s 3-month coaching package. To get in touch with Nina, head over to or send her a DM on Instagram: @nourishedwithnina.



We Chat About:

  • Converting a bus into a home for two very tall people
  • Quitting your job
  • What The Art of Bravery is
  • A new definition of bravery
  • Christiana’s tools for directing your life the way you want it to go
  • Framing goals as a practice
  • Harnessing your fear
  • Why Christiana rejects the idea of being “fearless”
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Living our best life with Bob Ross




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