Today we’re talking to our sisters from another mister: Becka Crowe and Rachael Hunt from Vibe Tribe Wellness! These girls are so down to Earth and we just felt connected as soon as we sat down at the mics!!


Vibe Tribe Wellness started as a passion project between two Instagram-turned-real life gal pals, but their friendship blossomed quickly as they started on a mutual journey in search of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-love. Now it’s an incredible podcast and an empowering community, and we know you’ll love their vibe as much as we do!


Nina just launched her 14-day gut reboot program!


Nina was inspired to create this 14-day Gut Reboot Program because she was continually speaking with more and more women (and men) who were struggling with gut issues. There is a strong need for support in this area of wellness, and luckily, there are so many ways we can begin to improve our digestion through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes. This program includes…


  • One 30-minute coaching call with Nina
  • The opportunity to email Nina questions during your 14-day reboot
  • A grocery list of items to ENJOY on the reboot
  • A list of items to “eliminate” and/or limit on the reboot
  • Sample meal suggestions including my energized breakfast template
  • A food journal template  
  • AND a private facebook community to discuss your progress and get questions answered


You can get started at!! And because you’re part of the Wine & Shine community, Nina is offering 10% off! All you have to do is contact Nina on her website or send her a DM on Instagram to get that discount!



We Chat About:

  • Fangirling over each other on IG
  • Becoming gluten-fr
  • Working on your routine
  • Listening to your intuition & bodyee
  • The Five Pillars: mindful, nourish, movement, compassion, abundance
  • Taking care of your body & treating yourself with kindness




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