Today we are talking to Cara Cifelli, the author of Body Wisdom: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Relationship with Food, Trusting Your Intuition and Becoming Your Own Health Expert and the creator of Cara’s Kitchen.

Cara knows, first hand, how much our relationship with food and our bodies can influence our entire lives. So she uses her expertise in holistic nutrition, transformational psychology, intuitive eating, mindset medicine, and recovering from her own battle with an eating disorder to guide others to vibrancy and vitality in their bodies.


We Chat About:

  • Self-identifying with our job & searching for a greater purpose
  • Transitioning from a full-time office job into full-time health coaching
  • Opening (and selling) a restaurant
  • Weight stigma & size discrimination doesn’t discriminate by gender
  • Being nicer to yourself by being nicer to other women
  • Baby steps towards changing your relationship with your body
  • Body acceptance & body love
  • Overcoming The Imposter Syndrome
  • Self-publishing Body Wisdom
  • The secret to perfectly slicing an avocado





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